2017 marks the seventeenth year since the Foundation was established with the gift of seventy acres of land and buildings. Today it serves a diverse group of ministries and secular organizations with rap-idly expanding interest and utilization of its facilities. As we look to the future and seek God’s direction and wisdom, it seems important to look back from whence we came.

The land that is now McRae Farms was purchased thirty years ago as an investment and retreat from the rapid pace of Birmingham city life for the use of family and friends. We committed it to God, but we had no clue that He had plans to use it for His Kingdom all along. Colin planted a vineyard, and the Foundation became the True Vine (John 15:1-8). Outback came and then Legacy School and numerous other ministries. We earnestly sought God’s vision for the future, only to learn that He would tell us one step at a time. “If He told us more, we’d probably mess it up and try to take the credit”. It’s still that way today. We began to understand that our mission was to provide the place and facilities for other ministries to minister. Initially we provided very little of the content, but that is changing. The focus was to try to reflect His standard of excellence and the beauty and magnificence of His creation in our stewardship of the land. We began to understand that the commitment of the land to Him and the proclamation of His dominion over it brought an increasing sense of His Presence and blessing (Psalm 103:22). And that Presence is often felt and experienced by secular as well as ministry groups.

In earlier years we limited the use to ministries and faith-based groups. With the encouragement and support of our Board, we are now including more and more secular organizations. There is no question that God can speak to the soul and spirit of anyone, believer or not, just through His Presence and through the land, a place of His dominion and blessing. In addition secular groups are usually able to pay full costs which helps to underwrite the shortfall from many rural ministries unable to do so.

In the following pages we hope you will obtain a sense of the breadth of the ministry and its impact on the lives of those who come. We are deeply grateful to those of you who have supported the Foundation in the past, and we hope others will join in this investment in God’s Kingdom. We need your help now, in financial support and in prayer, in order to expand the facilities to meet the increasing needs.


Our mission at the True Vine Foundation is to create a place where people can come to reconnect - whether it’s to God, teammates, or their families. Our goal is to impact generations, through all age groups and backgrounds. With our current facilities, we have made a tremendous impact. We see value in adding to the existing structures to accommodate more groups year round, and we hope you choose to be a part of building a legacy that will outlast us all.

On these 90 acres of loblolly pines and sprawling oaks, we’ve created a haven. We believe in a strong sense of place, and how our mood and attitude can be influenced by our surroundings. We’ve built outstanding facilities with an emphasis on aesthetic and quality design built to last. Surrounding the foundation are vineyards, gar¬dens and open space to facilitate interaction with nature and spark awe in those who walk onto the property.

We currently provide cooking and sleeping facilities for large groups. These facilities have served us well, but we need to make them more comfortable for year-round use. This would allow us to open up our doors to a variety of opportunities for impacting surrounding communities and beyond.

The facilities and the property that surround the foundation have immense potential. We look at this fund-raising campaign as a step towards a much bigger goal. Our hope is to use this momentum to minister to God’s people, and allow God to show us what his plans are next.


Do you remember when you were given a second chance? When you overcame obstacles in a relationship, or when wise advice was graciously woven into your life?

Perhaps it was a warm evening, a cold winter night, or in the chaos of a storm. We believe everyone deserves moments like these, and we’re dedicated to creating an environment to help. The True Vine Foundation is committed to providing the facilities in beautiful rural Alabama to minister to each and every one who has a need - no matter their age, religious belief or demographic - our doors are open.

We are building a legacy. A mission bound by God’s foresight has grown into a facility that has touched the lives of thousands, backed by faithful stewards and committed volunteers.

Whether it’s a team building exercise on our ropes course, a married military couples retreat, or life skills retreat for at-risk youth - the opportunities are endless. Will you help us?


We need your help to raise $500,000 to add infrastructure to our facilities. In addition to adding eight more "Glamping" tents and an adjacent bathhouse, we need to add heating and air conditioning to the barn and dining hall areas.


The land was purchased in 1987, and a modest log house and pond were added for the purpose of a family retreat for hunting, fishing, and relaxation. Gradually other structures were added which included a large log barn to function as support for farming activities and the occasional square dance and picnic. But God had other ideas, and even before completion, it began to house retreats, teachings and praise and worship meetings. We later deeded 70 acres to set aside the property for Kingdom use in perpetuity. This became the True Vine Foundation. Nothing has ended as we intended. For God had the plans, and we could never have imagined them, even in our wildest dreams. And so — we wait for the next step—with awe and excitement.



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